Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Well, i think winter is totally the most amazing season of another four seasons in the whole world.    Winter is full of peace.  I mean, i'd love to take a walk under the snow which have been falling down on my head, and it feels cold and freeze.  The way the snow glistens or the sparkle of frost first thing in the morning.  In the first day of winter, you'll feel how warm and cozy you bed is.  It's been awesome to see outside and feel the cold.  Winter is the best time to spend your days with family, friends, or bf/gf heehe cause it has waited for many people. Winter is full of love.  Have you ever imagine how could it be in the night with a bright sky? ahaha wow i can't ever imagine i wanna go just for tasting the truth bout it with him:)
awawaw romantic! hehehhee

Winter brings joy and happiness to those that truly enjoy family. You can feel the love and warmth from the ones you love just by sitting around and talking. And it's the best time to stay.  Even i never feel the cold cause iv never been to a country when it's winter, i can already feel it when i visited Snow City last holiday.  And wow, i was freezing that time.  It's not the real.  I mean how would it be then in the real place?  But well, you should try it. The most important, there is NO SCHOOL TIME!! it's a pretty holiday! hahahaha

Anime Couple Pics;p

holding hand! sweet;p

awaw it's a hug!


kiss on cheek! awaw the cutest;p

i dunno why i'm interested of posting this kind of topic about anime hugs and kisses. Well, sounds crazy but it attracts me a lot. hehe i dunno how to make such these awesome pics. it's kinda hard things to do. and so, for me, anime is cute especially for these poses hehehe;p

Why did i choose these poses? hahahaha well, first i'd love to see anime pics posed like it hahahhaa. holding hand, give hugs, and kiss on cheek are what a couple usually act. right? and it's totally cute. perfect things to say love:) let alone if the girls do it first hahahahaha. well actually another kiss means another meaning. and here are the meaning of every kiss he does hehe

1) kiss on the cheek=your sweet (sweetest)
2) kiss on the forehead=I want to take care of you (awawawaw)
3) kiss on the hand=you're lovely (love it)
4) kiss on the mouth=I think I love you (well i don't think so, it's disgusting yucks)
5) kiss on the ear=I want to play, do you?

Hahahahahhahaahaha see? So, where have you ever been kissed? HAHAHAHA 

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Why? BIG why?

Well, as i said in my last post, he was changed. WAS. i mean the last few days at wekkend, he was so cute and sweet:)
You know, i'm amazed. he did care about me. He told me about how big his love.  I was excited but actually i tried to hide it.  He texted me so often then.  But how silly! I was starting to be bored and didn't respond him.  i didn't reply when he said happy fasting or everything that he really wanted to say.  miss you, love you.  And when he asked me to call him.  Geeezzzzz:(

And now, i guess he got bored with it. He didn't text me last night.  Dunno why i was starting to miss him, really miss him:(  And when i did sahur this morning, i texted him happy fasting. funny huh?  but he didn't reply it. Ugh yah that's my fault. it's my BIG fault to push him away. and now i really NEED HIM:(

he told me he overslept last night so couldn't reply my sms. ok i see, deaaaaar:)

Monday, August 24, 2009

The Last Few Days We Spent:)

Geeeezzzzzz! Guess what? i'm so happy for the last few daysss:) heehhehe
So many things happened! It quite make me excited.  Well, i'm not kinda girl that like to hide my joy.  Ok I'll tell you dudes.

1.  Having Fun with SPLASH
We did some fun and interesting jokes hahahaha what a jokee! Thanks banget yaaa. Memorable Friday banget buat gueee. We laughed together, ate together, and spent the whole night together! It's been awesome guuuuyssss. makasih one more time buat Fadhli yang udah jauh jauh come to join us from Malang hehehe and all yg ga bisa gue sebutin satu persatuu.  Tatat jugaaa thanks ya udah bawa cowoknya yg mo jadi photographer mendadak dan ga di bayar hahahaha

2.  Spending Time with TDP Community
AAAAAAA. Really miss you guyyss! Teteh, mba ajeng, ega, semuanyaaaa all my bestest since i was child hehehe. ngumpul di depan Kafe Kita-nya teteh hehe Fun banget walopun cuma having popice and talk some tapi entah mengapa haha gue jadi lupa semuanyaa kalo udah sama kaliaan. hehehe. Later kita kumpul-kumpul lagi yaaaa mmmmuuuaaach:*

3.  Be with You:)
Thanks for your kindness dear:) You have changed banget bangetbanget 180degree than the days before. hehe jadi aja gajadi break up kitaa hahahaha. But it's my problem.  Mungkin kemaren kemaren you make me excited.  I'm afraid you've changed lagi kayak duluuuu cause of our busy time:(  I'm afraid of losing youu. I'm not ready.......  Geeezzzzzzzzz please don't let him go yaaaa:) Amiiiiiin..

Hope it's not a dream:)  I love togetherness.  I hate loneliness.
Semoga di bulan penuh berkah ini, gue harap kita semua diberi nikkmat dan berkah yang melimpah amiiiin:)

Our Memorable Moment:)

August, 21th 2009

it's cool!

we're in the dark

We Make It!

Wow! It's totally us! it's taken from Bonex Seafood when we planned to meet and having dinner. Nggak banyak waktu sih yang kita spent together disana karena berhubung hari pertama taraweh.  Tapi, one thing i'll always remember is : to see your face, all! Many things have changed since the last day we met yaaaaaaah.

Rencananya sih mendadak tapi ternyata yang dateng nggak seperti yang gue kira.  Banyaaaaak deh seru bangeeeet have fun sama kaliaaaan, all my bestest:)
Rencananya bakalan ada bubar bareng juga lhoooooooo. Coming soon about the information. I'll tell you later okkkkkk.


What's in My Playlist

Songs i'd Love To Hear :

1.  Michael Bublé - Everything
2.  The Corrs - What Can I Do
3.  Boyzone - Everyday I Love You
4.  The Fray - How To Save A life
5.  Cascada - Everytime We Touch

Well, i think those songs i choose to be my playlist are quite sweet and romantic! Hehehehee i don't know what syndrome i have till i suddenly love this kind of songs hahhahahaha. So, what do you think of these songs? 

Precious Me:)

Hey hey heyyyyy all visitors and blog walkers! Nice to meet you:)
Well, it's my second blog after deleting the first one hahaha there are lots of top secrets should i keep hehehehe but here in this blog, i'm only gonna post my creativity, inspiration, and so on. so that you all can also see mine okaaay:)

Well, have a look and thanks a lot for visiting my blog. GBU mmmmmmmmuuuuaach:*